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B & L Carpet Stores
:30 TV Commercial

VOICE ONE: Once upon a time, Prince Dupont of Stainmaster was frantically seeking the princess of his dreams.  Magically, the answer came—

VOICE TWO: At B & L Carpet Stores, where quality, helpfulness, and low prices abound.

VOICE ONE: The prince entered the store, and there among the vinyls, hardwoods, ceramics, saxonys, and the Royal Dupont Stainmaster carpeting was a beautiful princess. Their eyes met, their feet touched. They ordered new carpeting for the castle and lived happily ever after.

VOICE TWO: B & L Carpet Stores—where floor-covering dreams come true.

:90 Radio Spot

VOICE ONE: It all began that June day when I spotted her among the fishing equipment. She was checking out the Powell rods and the genuine silver-plated baits. It made me think of high country trout fishing and the beauty of catching a King salmon. When I looked back, she was gone. I wondered if I would ever see her again.

Then came fall and rafting in the Grand Canyon. The waves were wild that day as my friends and I hit the white water in our Avon Pro-10 raft. As we approached Crystal Rapids, another raft passed us, and there she was, her paddle poised in the air. Was she smiling at me or was it only the reflection of the warm sun on the spray?

In January, I hit the slopes. The sky flashed a brilliant blue off my Dualtec skis as I raced down the perfect powder going 90 plus. I glanced at the ski lift as I flew by and there she was. If only she had skis as fast as mine.

I searched for her up mountain trails, through evergreen forests and across desert sands in my Legend Springfield boots and Montbell backpack. One day as I was scaling Yosemite, I imagined myself reaching down to give her a hand. . . .

I find myself at Peace Surplus a lot these days, not just because it sells all the best sporting equipment, accessories and outfitting gear I will ever need, but because she might be there.

VOICE TWO:  Wherever the spirit of adventure takes you, make your first stop Peace Surplus—“If it’s outdoors, it’s us.” (company motto)

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