Graphic design is the creative organization of a variety of elements in order to create a beautiful product. Those elements normally consist of photographs, illustrations, type and/or a variety of graphic elements, such as lines, boxes, starbursts and color. The Graphic design “Laws” are unity, balance, harmony, synthesis, repetition and simplicity.

The way in which these elements are arranged will vary, based upon the tenor of the piece being created. Is it humorous, serious, or fashionable? To whom does the piece appeal—teens, toddlers, adults, retirees? Should it be ultra-modern, retro, or punk?

All factors need to be considered when creating an appropriate and dynamic design. Experience is one of the best teachers. Only an experienced designer will know, because of past projects, what does and does not work. It is because of this factor that your best investment is in working with someone with considerable experience, since this person will work most quickly, efficiently and accurately.