What are your writing needs?

Are you an organization in need of a press release?

An author in need of an editor?

A company in need of advertising/promotional copy?

Would you love for your company to have its own newsletter?

Do you need an article written about yourself or your company?

Do you need a copyeditor/proofreader for your written work?

Do you need a written speech or powerpoint copy for your next presentation?

We offer:

  1. Advertising copywriting
  2. Brochure copy
  3. Advertising copywriting
  4. Copyediting/proofreading
  5. Ghostwriting or "As Told To"
  6. Powerpoint presentation copy and design
  7. Scriptwriting
  8. Speechwriting
  9. Substantive book editing
  10. Writing of magazine/newpaper articles